Solid wood floor coatings, a day in hi-tech renaissance

30 October 2015. Solid coatings, the new Renner Italia’s range for wooden floors, are shown to the public. It has not been only an event for tillers and professionals, but also a day of celebration, in renaissance style, for anybody who wished to visit the Rocca Isolani in Minerbio, near Bologna, Renner Italia’s headquarter. In an evocative location, full of art and symbols, the Open Day Solid has been conceived as a real art exhibition. An itinerary created to discover: - Natural effect topcoats - Extremely long-lasting oils - Special effects for any aesthetical need The star of the day was Solizero, the water-based topcoat zero gloss, really appreciated by natural parquet lovers. A real scoop for the market. The so called “invisible topcoat”. Visitors have seen many woods treated with fire-retardant coatings of the Firewall range. In the wonderful “Sala di Marte”, frescoed by Amico Aspertini, guests have appreciated the aesthetic qualities of Solid wooden floor coatings and oils, but have also tested its resistance qualities. Two of Renner Italia’s technicians have lead visitors in the taber test experience. Furthermore, in the same room, they have seen the typical elements that cause wooden floors damage. During this event, flag throwers, falconers and armigers performed their shows and nine tours have been organized in order to visit Renner Italia’s hi-tech plant. Between many visitors, the Associazione Italiana Posatori Pavimenti in Legno participated too.

SOLID: new Renner Italia's wooden floor coatings is here! is online!! The website of Renner Italia's new coatings range for wooden floors. Every parquet is unique. The places where we live are represented in parquet creations. Stories, ambitions and passions walk on parquet. For these reasons, Renner Italia decided to create a wooden floors coating range. Solid is the parquet coatings range by Renner Italia. Italian design and international hi-tech meet on the wooden floors coated with Solid. In every formulation you can find all of our hi-tech laboratories research. Solid UV coatings, priers, top coats, oils, waxes and cleaners enhance wood nature, making it more resistant to foot traffic, scratches, strikes and chemical components. Solid is the most modern solution system for beauty, setup and maintenance of new or restorable parquets, according to the newer green philosophies. Renner Italia has decided to launch its coatings for parquet in an evocative location, full of art and history; tomorrow, 30th October, the launch.